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What is Zumba

Zumba Fitness is an aerobic fitness programme done to music. It has been around since the mid -’90s and is now popular all over the world. Zumba fitness is suited to anyone who can move and likes music! While it is a dance type fitness, you do NOT need to have any dance experience, as you just follow along with your instructor.

The routines are easy to follow and incorporate moves from a variety of popular Latin American dance styles, such as Salsa an Merengue. The music is a mixture of Latin music as well as popular songs from the charts. See Schedule Below

Zumba is a very popular and fun way to workout. It is one of the easiest ways to work up a sweat, without really feeling like you are exerting yourself. It is done in a group environment and is a great way to improve your cardio fitness as well as burn hundreds of calories in just one class depending on how much effort you put into the moves of course !

Some people can be a bit dubious when they attend their first class … as they don’t know what to expect! However…after the first class they are amazed at how much they enjoy it, how much they sweat and particularly how much fun they’re having while doing it!

People worry about getting the steps right the first time, but don’t worry, nobody does, and key to remember it is not a dance class, this is a method of fitness! The steps will come easier after a few classes. It is important to note that Zumba is not about getting it ‘right’ or learning how to dance, it is about getting a great workout to great music.!

Suits All Ages & Fitness Levels

Zumba suits people of all ages and all fitness levels …. we provide regular high energy Zumba classes as well as Zumba classes for kids and Zumba ‘Gold’ which moves at a slower pace.

Our focus is on making sure you get a good workout while keeping it fun, so Zumba strikes the right balance to achieve this for all age groups. We encourage you to give it as much effort as you can, to get the most from your workout, while staying within your current capabilities.

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So What's Zumba Gold ?

Zumba Gold is Zumba at a slower pace basically! While suited to all age groups, it can be a great workout for those who are less mobile. It is great for for anyone who prefers a slower pace workout, if perhaps recovering from an injury or illness or if you just want to get a feel for Zumba.

Zumba ‘Gold’ is also very popular with seniors who enjoy a boogie on the dance floor … and we regularly host classes for Active Retirement Groups or Family Resource Centres.

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Monday was my second Zumba class in Castlemartyr & already I feel it, great fun with Frank and all the girls & feel the benefits for my body. I want more! – Marzena

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